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I am writing to give any prospective customer of Amusement Bark a reference.

I have a 2-year old, 75 pound, Labrador-Shepherd mix, Rocky,  who loves Amusement Bark!  I don’t know how Rocky knows he’s going to Bow Wow because I don’t say the name to him, and though we’re regular customers, we have an irregular schedule.  But he knows.  The tail goes nuts, he squeezes into the garage before I do, and out of the car, he pulls like a locomotive to get inside the Club.

He’s been there for day-care (12 hours) many times, and as many as 7 consecutive overnights when we’re on vacation.

Rocky loves  the open floor plan and as a dog who needs plenty of exercise (a 4 mile run barely tires him), maybe the best part of Bow Wow is that when I pick him up, he is always “dog tired” from playing all day!

I have every confidence in the staff of Amusement Bark to properly care for my dog and highly recommend Amusement Bark.

John K

Western Springs, IL

Dear Amusement Bark Team,

When we adopted two puppies in December, we knew that we would need to find a doggie daycare to give them the care and attention they deserved when we were at work.  How pleased we were to find Amusement Bark!

We knew that the daycare we chose needed to have the following:

  1. Convenient Location
  2. A Clean Facility
  3. Easy and Safe Pick Up and Drop Off
  4. Employees and Owners who were dog lovers

We just want to say a big THANK YOU for the care that you have given our two puppies.  The staff at Amusement Bark is absolutely fantastic!  They treat every dog at the daycare, as if they were their own.  We have received daily reports on their progress, suggestions on their care, such as food, etc.  We truly feel that we are not just clients at the daycare – we know that the staff truly cares.

Thanks again for all you do!  We really love taking our puppies to your facility – and they love it, too!

Ernie and Carol
Jax and Brandy, too!
Westchester, IL

Dear Jeff,

Just wanted to let you know how much Buffett loves coming to your place…he cannot wait to get there!  Where else would a dog named “Buffett” absolutely love to go except the place his ‘namesake’ sings about!

Thanks to you and your staff for taking such good care of my little guy. I truly thank the day I walked thru your doors!  Day care, grooming, and boarding all in the same place – how great is that!

La Grange Park, IL


Dogs are terrible liars.  Kallie, my Irish Terrier tops the list.  Her poker face is awful.

That’s why every time we turn the corner to drive into the parking lot at Bow Wow Beach Club; I know she’s getting the best care she can get.

Her ears perk up, her tail starts to wag and she can’t WAIT to get inside to see her friends.

Kallie was one of the first dogs through the door at Amusement Bark.  From the start, Jeff and the staff assured that my new puppy would be cared for… and she is cared for.

One of my co-workers told me that my dog is spoiled because she’s at daycare.  I think it’s the best thing for her.  Not only does she learn how to behave around other dogs but she’s also tired at the end of the day!

She’s grown up at Amusement Bark and truly loves being there.

Chicago, IL

Dear Jeff,

It has been a wonderful 3 months since I first began taken taking my 3 year old cockapoo Molly to spend some playtime at the Amusement Bark.  Molly had been accustomed to spending her days home alone while I was at work and she really needed to spend some time playing with other dogs.  Amusement Bark has provided the opportunity for Molly to play with a variety of dogs – big & little, old & young, shy & active.  Amusement Bark’s staff is extremely welcoming, caring and playful, and Molly gets excited as soon as she sees the staff coming to the door.  Thank you for taking such good care of Molly and for providing a safe, clean, playful environment for all the dogs.

La Grange, IL


I am single and do not have any children so my female sheltie has become like my child.

I was particular about finding appropriate daycare/lodging for her but then I found Kathy and Jeff!

One visit is all it will take for you to realize why their care is so different. Their love for dogs is evident when you observe the extra attention that they give shy dogs, the extra play that they provide for active dogs, and the calm, caring environment that is there for all.

My dog has visited other kennels and doggie daycare services. When I used to get her overnight bag ready, she would become a little nervous…..anticipating what was to come. After a few visits with Kathy and Jeff, when the bag came out, she actually ran to the door! She knew she was going to spend some time with two people who would give her the same attention and love that I do.

Kaylie Osmon

(Chicago, Illinois)

Hi, Jeff:

Congratulations Jeff and Kathy for making it through my entire consulting program.  The opening of Amusement Bark will be a huge success!  After consulting with you for the past year, you have learned everything it takes to run a successful daycare center.  And I am confident your customers will feel complete trust leaving their dogs in your care.  I know I would.  You have been a joy to work with, and I look forward to watching Amusement Bark grow in the years to come!

Tracy Arnold
Playful Paws, Inc
Prospect Heights, Illinois

Dear Jeff:

I just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it has been working with you while you learned about the dog daycare business here at Playful Paws.  I have always found you eager to learn, hard-working and genuinely fond of dogs.

I wish you every success in your new business.  I am confident that customers of Amusement Bark will appreciate your wit, knowledge and experience.  You will definitely be missed, but will be an asset to the dog daycare community.

Manager, Playful Paws, Inc.